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Where to Buy Croatian Wine in the Rest of the World

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It happens all the time: Visitors to Croatia try the wine, then return home secure in the idea that the world is a global marketplace. But Croatian wine is not widely available out in the world. Even wine shops in major cities tend to carry only a few bottles. This article provides sources for where to buy Croatian wine in the rest of the world.

Most Croatian wineries are small and can not produce enough wine for export. This means most of the wine is sold in Croatia, and smaller wineries sell out by the end of each year. But as wineries grow and word gets out about Croatian wine, more and more of it is slowly becoming available. This is great news for travelers, Croatia’s far-flung diaspora, sommeliers in search of new varieties to try, and anyone living in Croatia who wants to send a gift outside the country.

Normally we would stress the importance of supporting your local wine shop, but in this case, ordering online saves hassle and gets you the widest selection of Croatian wines. The sources below are listed by the country or region the wine will be shipped to.

If you live in Croatia, see this article about buying wine in-country.


Croatian Vintage 
Number of wines: 20+, and spirits
Ships to: all of Australia

Dalmatino Vino 
Number of wines: 18
Ships to: all of Australia

Natko Kuvačić began importing Croatian wine 15 years ago, when he couldn’t find what he wanted for the Melbourne restaurant he ran with his brother. Now he supplies Croatian wine (from Dalmatia and beyond) to restaurants and ships to consumers through his website.


Tanya Schmitt and Saša Muradori, Croatia Unpacked
Tanya Schmitt and Saša Muradori of Croatia Unpacked. Photo: courtesy Croatia Unpacked

Croatia Unpacked
Number of wines: 58
Ships to: Ontario

Saša Muradori emigrated to Canada from Korčula as a youth; Tanya Schmitt is a serial entrepreneur with a love of wine. As business partners, they have made Croatian wine available in Ontario. And there’s even better news for Canadians: the government recently removed restrictions on shipping over provincial lines. The result, says Muradori, is that “consumers are free to shop across Canada now.” The company plans to expand first to Quebec.

European Union

If you are in the European Union, you have additional options for ordering Croatian wine. Croatia is a member of the EU (and is adopting the euro in January 2023). Many of the larger Croatian wineries, or those with web shops, already ship to EU countries—just call or send the winery a note to inquire. Or browse the online options here. 
Number of wines: more than 200
Ships to: EU countries, Switzerland, Norway

This is the international sister-company of the Croatian wine supplier

Croatian Wine Online 
Number of wines: about 60 wines and wine bundles
Ships to: Netherlands plus 9 EU countries

The Taste of Croatia 
Number of wines: 75
Ships to: Netherlands, EU in general

Owner Ivona Šinković “grew up in a house surrounded by vineyards.” Wine has always been part of her life, and she used her spare time during the COVID pandemic to add to her wine certifications. She took over The Taste of Croatia from its previous owner in summer of 2022 and plans to continue with a focus on indigenous Croatian grape varieties. Her goal? “To make Croatian wines known in the Benelux region.”

Wine & More
Number of wines: 642 Croatian wines and bundles
Ships to: EU countries, Switzerland, Norway (see other countries below)

A great source for wine delivery within Croatia, but “from the beginning Wine & More was all about delivering Croatian wines to the world,” says Nenad Trifunović, director of business development. With a large selection and excellent customer support, they are a leading source for Croatian wine in the EU.

Wine & More tasting wines
Ready to evaluate wines at the offices of Wine & More. Photo: courtesy Wine & More


Adriatic Pantry Croatian wine source
Touring Croatian vineyards in search of new wines. Photo: courtesy Adriatic Pantry

The Adriatic Pantry
Number of wines: 65, plus gourmet products
Ships to: Singapore

The Adriatic Pantry began with a wedding. When owners Belle Shafer and Zoran Svetličić got married in Dubrovnik seven years ago, they and their guests were thrilled with the bounty of well-made Croatian foods and wines. Their friends wanted to know where to get these products. So, Shafer said, “Right after the wedding I incorporated a company.” Since then, they have added wine to their offer, sourced through word of mouth. Like their story, their selection is personal: “We like small family farms, small vineyards . . . that people can’t find,” said Shafer. 

United Kingdom

Croatian Fine Wines
Number of wines: 68
Ships to: UK

A two-person company inspired by a visit to Croatia, Croatian Fine Wines maintains a group of best-selling core brands while offering variety in the smaller wineries it sources. How are they managing, post-Brexit? Holly Robinson, who directs online sales, says they already had experience importing (non-EU) Bosnian wines, which prepared them for the increased paperwork and delays. Robinson remains cheerful about the process: “There’s a bit more stress involved, but not enough to put us off doing it!”

Wine & More
Number of wines: 642 Croatian wines and bundles 
Ships to: UK

For shipments to the UK, all post-Brexit logistics have been ironed out and taxes are included in the price of the wine.

United States

Croatian Premium Wine
Number of wines: 70+
Ships to: most US states 

Croatian Premium Wine began with a focus on the wines of the Komarna region of Dalmatia, but has since expanded to carry wines from all over Croatia. More wines are being added even now, says co-founder Mirena Bagur, including those from Bibich (northern Dalmatia) and Clai (Istria). She adds, “We did a tour to Slavonia in June and we will be adding several more wineries from the region. The goal is to present Croatian wine at its full spectrum.” 

Croatian Premium Wine at Krauthaker
The founders of Croatian Premium Wine (in gray) tasted with wine maker Vlado Krauthaker (center) and American wine writers during a recent trip to Slavonia. Photo: courtesy Croatian Premium Wine

Wine & More
Number of wines: 60 Croatian wines and bundles
Ships to: most US states

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